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Brenna Kean

“I found Carrie by pure chance; the stars aligned, and I am so glad they did. I have wanted to tell my story for decades (scary to think I am THAT old!), but circumstances led me to tell it sooner than later. I was introduced to Carrie as a potential ghostwriter for Baby Goat Rising, and immediately, we clicked.

She got me. My voice. My passion. My experiences, even though she, herself, had never lived them. Carrie got me.

As a ghostwriter, Carrie is fabulous, and her work speaks volumes of her skill with the written word. But she also was able to edit my ideas in ways I never could have! Carrie is a tremendous human, artist of the written word, and friend; one I am proud to have dedicated my first book to. There will be a sequel, and she will also be part of that project!

I am so grateful to Carrie for helping me find my voice and help guide me through a very emotional experience. She never questioned my emotions; many did arise during the process, but she was also a FRIEND. I cannot speak highly enough of Carrie, not only of her phenomenal skill as a writer but also as a human; a compassionate one at that.”

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