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Tell Your Story

Write Your Memoir with an Experienced Author, Ghostwriter, and Editor

Carrie Nyman

Memoir writing is a healing experiment. During our recorded interviews, we will build an intimate working relationship dedicated to the therapeutic effects of reliving experiences as an empowered adult. As your future ghostwriter, I begin as your audience.


We will conduct phone or video interviews at a comfortable pace. With a comprehensive view of your personal story, I can research and fully outline your manuscript, identifying themes and turning points.

After settling on our introductory scenes, we will create a narrative (depending on your interview preferences), and edit them into chapters featuring your engaging, evocative voice. Your manuscript will be readable, relatable, and clear!


Our goal is to create a memoir with a novel’s drive. Together, we will write a professional-level memoir—not an autobiography—building on your platform while harnessing the mental and emotional benefits of processing trauma.

Finally, I will prepare your memoir and a professional book proposal for a literary agent—or you may choose to keep control, go the self-publishing route, and market your project the way you want!!

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