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Carrie Nyman Author and Ghostwriting professional since 2013

Memoir writers face a unique challenge: they must convey personal stories without experience or knowledge of the publishing industry. They need an advocate with professional-level writing, ghostwriting, editing, and publishing experience to bring their compelling stories into the world. In 2013, I began ghostwriting professionally and learned that building trusting relationships is the heart of good ghostwriting. And as I honor my clients’ privacy, they consistently express satisfaction and emotional catharsis in working with me.

My ghostwriting projects include:

· A memoir of Venture Capitalism over the past 30 years
· A second VC’s business book encouraging women to pursue board leadership positions
· A First Recon Marine/Field Surgeon’s memoir of the war in Afghanistan and systemic waste in American Healthcare
· A Latinx Stripper’s memoir of alcoholism and sobriety in Las Vegas as her father was sentenced to a century in prison
· An Indigenous woman’s memoir of meth addiction and mental illness in San Francisco
· A Vietnamese-American woman’s memoir of criminal deviance, followed by spiritual rebirth in an Alaskan prison

· A memoir of a family’s fight with breast cancer, highlighting responsibility and sisterhood

· A Veteran's memoir of their search for a healthy father figure

· And 10+ novels!

Transformation Memoir Specialist
Telling your story
will change your life.

“Carrie Nyman is a special writer. She has the gift of creating characters that the reader is immediately captivated by and, even more so, is invested fully in their outcome. She understands that storytelling is at the heart of all great writing, and her latest book is a masterful example of this.”

– Mark Graham

Former Ghostwriting Agent and Author of The Natanz Directive, The Missing Sixth, and The Harbinger

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