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Carrie Nyman, Ghostwriter
Write Your Memoir with Professional Ghostwriter
Carrie Nyman at McFly! Ghostwriting

Transformation Memoir Specialist

Crafting True Stories of Trauma, Grief, Chronic Illness, and Healing

I am passionate about helping authentic individuals write their memoirs with the narrative drive of a novel. In nine years at a professional ghostwriting agency, I discovered that trusting relationships are crucial for effective collaboration. Now, as a disabled author and mother, I offer the creativity, experience, and emotional intelligence to guide you through the memoir process.


My Notable Nonfiction:


Universal Deathcare by Reagan Anderson (2020)

First Recon Marine/Field Surgeon's Memoir of the War in Afghanistan, PTSD, and Systemic Waste in American Healthcare


Dare Disturb the Universe by C. Newhall (2022)

Venture Capitalist's Memoir of 30 Years in VC

THE BODY by J. Brochu

Latinx Woman’s Memoir of Stripping, Alcoholism, and Sobriety in Las Vegas


Baby Goat Rising by Brenna Kean (2022)

Indigenous Woman's Memoir of Surviving Addiction, Sexual Abuse, and Mental Illness in San Francisco


Chinese-American Woman's Memoir of Criminal Deviance and Spiritual Renewal


Memoir of a Sisterhood’s Fight with Breast Cancer


Veteran's Memoir of Physical Abuse, Fatherhood, and Post-Traumatic Growth


And 10+ Novels!

Do you have a crazy story?
I live for crazy stories

“Carrie Nyman is a special writer. She has the gift of creating characters that the reader is immediately captivated by and, even more so, is invested fully in their outcome. She understands that storytelling is at the heart of all great writing, and her latest book is a masterful example of this.”

– Mark Graham

Former Ghostwriting Agent and Author of The Natanz Directive, The Missing Sixth, and The Harbinger

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