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As your future ghostwriter, I aim to provide a nurturing environment while crafting a compelling narrative of your life. I am also an experienced content editor for fiction. And while most nonfiction/memoir ghostwriting projects average $40k-$80k (or $.40 per word), my company, McFly! Ghostwriting, operates with a flat rate per project.

Please contact me for a consult call and a formal offer designed to fit your needs!



Includes Ghostwriting your Memoir Manuscript, Proofreading, Content Editing, Research, Outlining, Formatting, Interviews, and Unlimited Revisions. After phone/video interviews, clients co-write chapter narratives from an outline and interview notes. Includes access to daily email and a proposal package to submit to agents or publishers.






Includes Ghostwriting your Memoir Manuscript, Proofreading, Content Editing, Organizing, Outlining, Formatting, Video/Phone Interviews, and Unlimited Revisions. Includes Professional Copyediting, Assisted Self-Publishing, and Proof Copies of your book. Access to daily phone, text, and email.



Includes Content Editing and Proofreading your Completed Manuscript, Formatting, Professional Copyediting, Assisted Self-Publishing, and Proof Copies of your Manuscript.





Includes Content Editing of your Genre Fiction, Nonfiction or Memoir Manuscript, Proofreading, and Formatting with Book Proposal Package or Assisted Self-Publishing.

What kind of project do you want to create?

The Elements of Ghostwriting Projects


As your experienced ghostwriter, I will work with you to create an original fiction or nonfiction project. This will be within the industry-standard guidelines of 65,000-90,000 words. There will be a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) written into the contract.

Proposal Package: 

I will write an original query letter and prepare the proposal for your literary project—fit for an agent’s eyes.



Organizing your story will require a full manuscript outline and chapter outlines from a series of interviews. With these tools, we may conduct narrative interviews, or you may choose to write a narrative for each chapter’s events.



Following industry standards, I will format your manuscript’s text within Microsoft Word.

Content Editing: 

I will edit the content of your project, focusing on crisp, concise language, narrative drive, and a disarming introduction. To prevent cancellation, I am also a sensitivity reader.




I will correct each chapter with your revisions.



Phone Interview Package: 

We will start with an introductory call, and when we get into the meat of your story, I will record and transcribe our conversations.



Video Interview Package:

Tell me the long story—short! I will record and transcribe our conversations (on Zoom or FaceTime). Once we have your memoir project outlined, we will then continue with narrative interviews for individual chapters.

Copywriting (performed by an independent contractor): 

I will hire a professional copywriter to polish your manuscript before publication.

Our Heirloom Collection starts at $41,000, split into four payments with a nonrefundable deposit of $4,000.


*Assisted self-publishing will add $4,000 to the Collection total.

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