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Tell Your Story

The Ghostwriting Process with Carrie Nyman

Create Your Personalized Memoir Package with an Experienced Author, Ghostwriter, and Editor

What does the ghostwriting process look like?

To capture your voice, I will begin as your audience. We will conduct video interviews for a comprehensive understanding of your story before I research, organize, and outline your memoir. Together, we’ll illustrate scenes from your memory to create a disarming introduction and rich narrative chapters. Your manuscript will be readable, relatable, and clear! Finally, I will prepare a Book Proposal fit for a literary agent’s eyes and teach you how to think like an author. Or, you may choose to keep control with self-publishing, and market your book the way you want! I respect my clients' privacy with Non-Disclosure Agreements, and they consistently express satisfaction and emotional catharsis in working with me.


My writing career began with an English Literature degree and a best-selling WWII historical novel. When my book was traditionally published in 2012, I was recruited by a ghostwriting agent, and completed many successful fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. I love historical romance, but real stories are my favorite!


Whether you're a future memoirist searching for a well-rounded ghostwriter, or a writer in need of a skilled content editor, I can polish your manuscript, ensuring your memoir’s resonance with readers and publishers. For your next step, please contact me for a consultation call to discuss your goals. Telling your story will change your life—I can't wait to hear it.

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